We craft bespoke lifestyle high fidelity audiophile entertainment systems that are uniquely designed for your living and working space. Every audiophile project is tailor-made to suit your design inspiration and lifestyle. At Decibelist, we call this Music x Art.  Every inspiration starts with you!

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Folks We Love

Here are some of the folks we love. We’re proud to integrate some of their state of the art technology in our audiophile projects.

Latest Updates

Stay in touch with some of the projects we’re working on

“Green Batik” Art Speaker

Our “Blue Batik ” Art Speaker just had an “upgrade”. Take a look at our “Green Batik” Art…

“Simpsons” Art Speaker

We’re huge fans of American animated sitcom The Simpsons by Matt Groening. When we came across this piece…

“Blue Batik” Art Speaker

The unmistakable blue batik motif inspired by the iconic Singapore Airlines’ Singapore Girl sarong kebaya. Fabric: CottonWood Veneer:…

Limited Edition “Snoopy” Art Speaker

Made for fans of Peanut’s Snoopy illustrated by Charles M. Schulz. Fabric: Limited Edition Printed in Japan Oxford…