Art Frame Speaker “Kucing Singapura”

This is our first Art Frame Speaker collaboration with local designer Studio Qiling. We call this Art Frame Speaker “Kucing Singapura” (Malay for “Singapore Cat”). Here is how Studio Qiling describes it – “A dash of playful charm enlivens this exquisite porcelain style print as the Singapura Cat widens its eyes with wonder as it explores its delicate surroundings”.

The Art Frame Speaker “Kucing Singapura” comes with a dual-colour cat motif. The Front Panel motif is in Blue.
The magnetic mounted detachable Cover has a Green cat motif. The Blue & Green colour combination is fully customisable. You can have the Front Panel in Green instead and the Cover in Blue.
Fabric is made from 100% silk giving the speaker a bespoke luxurious satin sheen. Fabric is paired with a satin varnished American walnut wood finish frame.
Prints are all meticulously hand-drawn.

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