Decibelist x YeoMama Batik

We’ve collaborated with YeoMama Batik on numerous occasions. You’ve seen the iconic red “Tropical Paradise” which made a debut appearance at Asian Civilisation Museum.  Then, there is the “Phoenix Haven” duo that made an appearance at Design Orchard Singapore.  They’ve all returned home to YeoMama Batik studio, the place where the iconic batik fabric originated from.

Decibelist x YeoMama Batik presents a unique set of Art Speakers made with YeoMama’s batik fabric, now exclusively available only at YeoMama Batik studio. Here’s a unique chance to turn your favourite YeoMama Batik pieces into not just any speaker, but a Batik Speaker.

We call it Music x Batik!

Speak to the folks at YeoMama and let them help you turn their fabulous batik collection into truly unique Batik Art Speakers. Here’s what you’ll be able to see and listen to at YeoMama Batik.

The “Tropical Paradise” Batik speaker
The “Phoenix Haven” Batik speaker
The “Sundown” Batik speaker

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