FAQ – Art Speaker

Can I choose my fabric & wood finish?

Absolutely. Every Art Speaker is uniquely designed to fit your living space. You can pick from a wide range of fabric we carry. You can even send us your own fabric.

How long does it take to make an Art Speaker?

About one to 2-3 weeks. Every Art Speaker is made-to-order and uniquely personalised to your specifications.

What’s the difference between Art Mini and the Non-Mini?

Both have similar functionalities but the Art Speaker would have a bigger soundstage and stronger bass due to it’s larger drivers and cabinet volume.

Does the Art Speaker & The Classic sound similar?

Yes, they do. Both share the same internals. They look different but they sound very similar.

Are the Art Speakers compatible with Chromecast & Sonos?

How we wished we could say yes but unfortunately, it’s a No. The Art Speakers runs on it’s own audio eco-system which is compatible with AirPlay & Spotify Connect.

Can I connect to the Art Speakers directly via Apple Music or Spotify?

Yes, that is in fact one of the key features of the Art Speakers – convenient access from Apple Music (via AirPlay on iOS) and Spotify (Android & iOs). The Art Speakers need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Can the Art Speakers run without a power source?

No. The Art Speakers are high-definition and high-powered speakers that must be plugged into a power supply unit (included).

Can I use the Art Speaker purely as a Bluetooth speaker without connecting to a Wi-Fi network?

Yes, you can. However, The Art Speaker works best connected to a Wi-Fi network. This would give the speakers features such as AirPlay, Spotify Connect & multi-room capability, not to mention that you’ll have better sound quality, better dynamic range and a much longer wireless range than Bluetooth.

Mono & Stereo?

The Art Speaker comes originally as a Mono speaker but can however be configured as a wired or wireless Stereo pair.

Can you custom design a speaker?

We most certainly can. As a matter of fact, most of our speaker projects are custom-designed ones. Check this out.