“Hibiki 12” Art Speaker

We acquired this 10 year old Hibiki whisky box from someone who initially wanted to discard it. We thought it was such a waste discarding such an iconic whisky box. There was only one thing we could think of – turn it into a speaker. How did it turn out? It sounded surprisingly good. Clear, crisp and with relatively punchy and tight bass given it’s size.

There were two concepts we had in mind when designing this speaker. Firstly, we wanted to preserve the original look of the Hibiki whisky box in every way we could. Secondly, we didn’t want something that shouts “I’m a speaker”. We kept the speaker inconspicuous. We wanted something that looks exactly like a whisky box but croons like Sinatra.
3D model of the speaker construction. The whisky box features on upward firing driver in a sealed non-ported enclosure. The speaker enclosure is entirely 3D printed in PLA filament, made from biodegradable material.
In line with preserving the box in every way we we could, we kept all the original defects that came with the whisky box just to remind us that we are indeed working on a 10 year old box. Essentially, we are breathing new life into an old box that could have very well been discarded.
The “Invisible” upward firing speaker in a Sapele wood finish giving the original box a premium luxurious touch without losing the essence of what it is. The speaker shares very similar technical characteristics as our Art Mini speakers with just a tad less bass due to the non-ported sealed design of the speaker enclosure.
Subtle indicator light at the bottom. Green for Wi-fi. Blue for Bluetooth. Designed to be placed on a reflective or semi-reflective surface, allowing a soft lighting reflection from the surface.
Speaker is designed to be operated wirelessly via your mobile handset. There is virtually no buttons on the speaker except for a setup button and a power switch right at the back.

Don’t throw your old whisky boxes away

Let us transform them into advanced Smart Wireless Speakers for you. Talk to us to find out how you can put your old whisky bottles to good use. Brandy, sake & wine boxes are perfect too.

“Hibiki 12” Art Speaker Technical Specifications

  • Build Material: Old whisky box, biodegradable PLA, plywood and Sapele hardwood veneer.
  • Construction Technique: 3D printing, laser cutting and hand assembly
  • Built-in 35W Power Amplifier.
  • 75mm Full Range Driver.
  • Dimensions: 98mm(W) x 220mm (H) x 98mm (D).
  • Fully integrated Wireless connectivity – AirPlay, Bluetooth 5.0, Spotify ConnectWi-Fi and more.
  • Built-in music streaming services – Amazon Music, Internet Radio, Qobuz, Tidal, TuneIn and more.
  • Multi-room, multi-speaker synchronisation via Wi-Fi.
Disclaimer: This is not an official Suntory Whisky product nor are we representing Suntory Whisky in any way. We are merely upcycling an old box that would have otherwise been discarded

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