Made with Liberty, Curated by Fabricity

It’s no secret that we use a lot of Liberty Fabric for our speakers. We absolutely love their Tana Lawn and Poplin series. What is however lesser known is that our Liberty series Art Speakers are mostly curated by Fabricity, a local specialty premium fabric shop located at the heart of the textile enclave of Chinatown. In no small part, this subtle collaboration is perhaps the reason why our Art Speakers are so distinctively unique.

Made with Liberty “Jacqueline’s Blossom” Poplin Cotton
Made with Liberty “Pagoda A” Tana Lawn
Made with Liberty “Neptune’s Kingdom” Tana Lawn
Made with Liberty “Noah’s Quest” Tana Lawn
Made with Liberty “Wiltshere Stars” Tana Lawn

Fabricity is located at 32 New Market Rd, #02- 1098 People’s Park Complex, Singapore 050032. It’s right above the food center and just a short walk from Chinatown MRT station. Check them out. They are a well known local favourite especially when you’re looking for premium specialty fabric.

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