Our Story

Our story is a very simple one. It started out purely as a hobby, learning to appreciate the finer things that high fidelity music had to offer. A casual hobby gradually became pretty serious and quickly turned into an obsessive passion.

This passion wasn’t merely about how music sounded but also how it looked as well. The aesthetic matter just as much.

Are we able to create something there is aesthetically captivating and yet musically pleasing?

Are we able to create a musical experience than blends seamlessly into living spaces?

Are we able to create something that is uniquely different and yet intimately personalised?

At Decibelist, we are constantly challenging ourselves with these questions in our quest to create musical experiences that are aesthetically unique.

We call this marriage of melody and aesthetic MUSIC X ART.

Designed & Made
in Singapore

Our creations are all locally designed and made right here in Singapore, often in collaboration with like-minded folks. All our projects are precision engineered and meticulously hand assembled with the utmost care.