Our Story

Decibelist is born out of the passion for creating speakers that are aesthetically captivating, boldly unconventional, distinctively unique and sonically pleasing, reimagining music that is beyond conventional perception.

Made in SG

While we source for the best materials & technology from around the world, Decibelist speakers are truly conceptualised, designed & crafted in Singapore, inspired by elements from our heritage roots, and often in collaboration with local artisans and craftsmen.

Sustainable Production

Our speakers are all made-to-order. We don’t manufacture en masse, we don’t employ cheap labour and we don’t hold excess stocks. We only make what we need, nothing more and everything we do here takes time and meticulous care, the slow fashion way.

Most of our speakers are 3D printed with biodegradable materials using a minimal-wastage additive manufacturing process. With additive manufacturing, we only use what we need as opposed to subtractive manufacturing where you discard what you don’t need, resulting in a lot of material wastage.