Art Frame Speaker

The Art Frame Speaker is a handcrafted smart wireless active speaker with Swappable Front Covers (that can be purchased separately). Fully integrated with advanced wireless connectivity such as AirPlay, Bluetooth 5.0, Spotify Connect, Wi-Fi & more. This DSP-tuned speaker includes advanced features such as multi-speaker and multi-room synchronisation. Every speaker is handmade to order.

How do I pick the fabric design for my Art Frame Speaker?
Simply purchase the Art Frame Speaker first and we’ll help you with the fabric design selection after you’ve completed the purchase.

Key Features at a glance:
– Interchangeable & Swappable Covers (separate purchase).
– Plug & Play Active Powered Music Streaming Speakers.
– Fully integrated Wireless connectivity – AirPlay, Bluetooth 5.0, Spotify Connect, Wi-Fi and more.
– Built-in music streaming services – Amazon Music, Internet Radio, Qobuz, Tidal, TuneIn and more.
– Multi-room, multi-speaker synchronisation via Wi-Fi.
– Dimension: 250mm x 250 mm x 50mm (D).



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