Setting up the Art Speaker for Wi-Fi connection is a fairly simple and straightforward process. This setup guide works for all variants of Art Speakers.

Getting Familiar with the Button Controls

The Art Speaker runs on a simple 3-button configuration:
Mode Change & Volume Buttons (only for Art Mini, Original & Classic)

The Volume buttons are pretty self-explanatory.

The Mode Change Button allows you to toggle between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. When you press the Mode Change button, the indicator light will toggle between WHITE & BLUE.
White: Wi-Fi
Blue: Bluetooth

Long-pressing (press & hold) the Mode Change button has a different set of features.
In Wi-Fi mode: Force the speaker to go into Wi-Fi Setup Mode.
In Bluetooth mode: Disconnect any device connected to the speaker via Bluetooth.

Where are the buttons located?

Art Frame Speaker

The Art Frame Speaker only has a Mode Change “Invisible” button. The button is located at left corner bottom section of the front panel and you’ll need to touch the front panel to locate the button. It is harder to spot visually but you will feel a little bump and that’s where the buttons is.

Art Mini Speaker
On the top of the speaker. They are hard to miss. For some variant, the volume button is replaced with a Toggle Switch. Flip up for Volume+ and Flip down for Volume -.

1: Mode Change / 2: Volume + / 3: Volume –
4: Wi-Fi LED (White) / 5: Bluetooth LED: Blue

Art Speaker Original
The buttons are a little harder to spot as the speaker features “Invisible Buttons”. The buttons are located around the bottom section of the front panel and you’ll need to touch the front panel to locate the buttons. You will feel 3 little bumps and that’s where the buttons are.

Art Speaker Classic
The buttons on the Classic series are a little different. The Volume Buttons are replaced with a toggle switch.
Flip up: Volume +
Flip down: Volume –
Mode Change button remains the same. Buttons are located at the right lower back of the speaker

For the purpose of Wi-Fi setup, we are only interested in the Mode Change button. You may or may not need to use it during the setup process but in some cases, you may need to to long press the Mode Change button to force the speaker into Wi-Fi Setup Mode.

Download 4STREAM

Download the 4STREAM app (available on both Android and iOs). The 4STREAM app is necessary for Wi-Fi setup.

Power On the Speaker

The power toggle switch is located at the lower left back of the speaker. Once you’ve powered on the speaker, you’ll see a rapid blinking WHITE light which indicates the speaker is booting up. This can take up to a minute. Make sure the light is in White and not Blue. If it’s Blue, press the Mode Change button to toggle into Wi-Fi mode.

When the light starts to blink at slower intervals, this means the speaker is searching for a Wi-Fi connection. At this point, you’re ready to setup the speaker for connection to your Wi-Fi network. You’ll usually hear a voice prompt from the speaker indicating that it’s in Wi-Fi Setup Mode.

What if I don’t hear the voice prompt?

This is where you long press (press & hold) the Mode Change button until you hear a voice prompt from speaker indicating that it is in Wi-Fi Setup Mode.

Setting Up for Wi-Fi

Make sure that your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Open the 4STREAM app and just follow the step-by-step guide on the app. The voice prompts from the speaker will guide you through the Wi-Fi setup process. The process of setting up the speaker can take a couple of minutes. The app will indicate to you when Wi-Fi connection is successful.

What if Wi-Fi setup failed?

Long-press the Mode Change button and repeat the whole Wi-Fi setup process. Be sure you’ve entered the correct password.