The Classic Art Speaker

We’ve gone with a more traditional route with our latest collection of Art Speakers. We aptly named it “The Classic”. It resembles a lot like a speaker that most of us could easily recognise but as with all the things we make here at Decibelist, there is nothing ordinary in what we do.

The Art Speaker Story

When we first conceptualised the idea of the Art Speaker, we wanted something that could blend and fit seamlessly into living spaces. We wanted a speaker that “feels at home”. While this is all well and good, we wanted something more. What if we wanted a speaker that could “change and evolve” with time? What if we wanted a speaker that could change with our mood, season and occasion? That was how The Classic came about. It wasn’t solely based on our own inspiration but also that of our customers, fans & friends who wanted us (and at times challenge us) to make speakers that are different and yet very intimately them. Now they wanted something that could adapt and evolve.

The Swappable Look

On the surface, The Classic looks like any ordinary wood-finish speaker but there’s a difference. It’s ONE SPEAKER with INFINITE LOOKS. We made the Front Panel swappable. You can “dress” your speakers as often and as different as you like. Just like how clothes and fashion are to us, your speakers will never run out of fashion.

The Classic in an American walnut wood finish paired with a retro-style front panel
Same speaker but paired with a front panel in the iconic batik motif in green
The Classic in a reddish-tone sapele wood finish paired with a “Seigaiha” (traditional Japanese wave) front panel
Same speaker with a “Japanese Spring Rabbit” motif front panel

All-In-One Convenience

The Classic like the original Art & Art Mini, are smart wireless active speakers with a full suite of wireless connectivity (AirPlay, Bluetooth 5.0, Spotify Connect, Wi-Fi) and built-in music streaming services (Amazon Music, Internet Radio, Qobuz, Tidal, TuneIn & more). No additional amplifier needed.

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